(Photos of a fire-damaged house we recently bought)

Emotional Reactions

Your Louisville house, with its recently remodeled kitchen and master bathroom, the place where you raised your children, was in a fire. Thank God no one got hurt. The house didn’t burn to the ground but you lost most of your possessions and the house is uninhabitable. You are in shock. You find yourself feeling hopeless, angry and sad/depressed all at the same time.  Everyone tells you that with time you and your family will once again look towards the future, that you will eventually re-gain a sense of safety and security. But there’s still the issue of what to do next with your fire damaged house. 


It is often incredibly difficult to sell a fire damaged house. The process is different from selling a regular house. Depending on the severity of the damage, money spent on extensive repairs may do little to improve the resale value of your house.  We are aware that homeowners can become very discouraged and hopeless about the prospect of selling their fire damaged house. But there is a way to sell your house quickly and for cash, regardless of the level of fire damage it has sustained. Call Sisters Who Buy Houses  now  at 502-273-0000 and let us provide solutions for your problems.

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