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After our father lost his battle with brain cancer, our family home had to be sold quickly. Our mother couldn’t continue living there alone. We didn’t know there were other options to selling your home other than listing it on the market, so that’s what we did. The house sat on the market for 4 months before it was sold. Our mother walked away with very little after satisfying the mortgage, paying all the closing fees and the 6% realtor commission. A few weeks after closing, our she was approached by a cash buyer who offered a quick sale and a great purchase price. But it was too late. And so, in 2015, the negative experience of selling our family home inspired Marina, one of the sisters, to start Sisters Who Buy Houses.

As our name suggests, we are a female-owned company. One thing that makes us unique from a lot of other Louisville home-buying companies is that we are a small “mom and pop” type shop that puts a heavy emphasis on family values. When you sell a house to us, you are working with a small team of people that really care about your experience with us. You’ll get top-notch service and won’t get lost in the shuffle like you would with a lot of bigger corporations.

We’re also a Christian company. We understand that might be a deterrent to some. But to us, that simply means we conduct business in a way that’s pleasing to God: everyone’s treated fairly, without any attempts to deceive one another. We believe in being straight-forward and transparent about how we operate.

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