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Fire Damaged House

fire damaged house

Selling Your Fire Damaged House In Louisville

You’re sleeping one night and wake up by chance to find out that your house is on fire. While you are lucky that you got out alive, seeing your fire damaged house causes emotional and financial trauma. If you’ve had your house damaged in a fire, you know that in such instances, there is no time to save your belongings and you’re lucky that your family is alive and safe.

Only after the feelings of despair and denial have sunk in do you start thinking about the next step. But what is it? For a while, you may take refuge at a friend’s or relatives place but until when. No one really understands your situation unless they have gone through it.

Here are something’s you should remember to do immediately after your house has burned down:

  • Avoid entering your home until the fire department says it’s okay to
  • Call and take refuge at a friend or family members home
  • Damage may be extensive and often extends beyond what you can see. Avoid attempting clean-up by yourself.

Does Your Insurance Policy Cover It?

You may or may not have home insurance policy, but no good will come from it unless you are specifically covered for fire damaged. If you are insured, you will be required to list down all your belongings that you can remember that burned up, something which isn’t easy to do while you’re suffering from such an extensive emotional setback. What’s more frustrating is that  the claims process can take time.

Another thing, which is important to note, is that the cost of repairs may exceed what you get from your insurance policy claim. Most times, the extensive repairs that you do manage to perform on your home, add little to no resale value to it. A lot of policies cover specifics that might exclude many repairs or calculate an average repair cost for your house claim. In such a case, you will find that it’s not a feasible option.

Why Selling Is Your Best Option

Everyone has an emotional attachment with the home they live in or have recently bought. After all, a substantial amount of your savings went into it, which is now in flames. It’s difficult to muster the strength to rebuild when you see that piece of you burning down. Most people just want out. However, they find that a burned house, even after repairs won’t get them a reasonable amount of money. Also selling a burned house isn’t as easy as selling a regular house. So your best option is to sell it for cash!

Sisters Who Buy Houses understand the hopelessness and discouragement anyone would feel from a burned house at their hands, wishing for someone to take it away and we have a way to help you. You can sell your house for cash to us regardless of the extent of the damage caused by the fire. For more information, call us today at 502-541-4343 and we can discuss how we can help you!

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