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What Others Say About Working With Us

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Want to share your own experience with us? Send us a note to let us know what working with I Buy Indy Houses has been like for you.Watch and Listen to what our sellers are saying about us!


Shana inherited a home in the Riverside area of Los Angeles from her mother-in-law. She asked her pastor to help her find someone reliable to buy it.

We were able to come through for her and create a great situation where everybody won.

Closing on 12/11/2020
Mary at closing on 8/25/2020


Chris & his wife Lesley had a duplex that needed some love. Instead of dealing with the headache of fixing it we were able to come to a great deal that worked for everyone.

“Rose & Tim”

Tim reached out to us because he got a new job out of state and needed to sell his house quickly. We were glad to be able to help him out!

Closing on 8/11/2020
Closing on 8/10/2020

“Gene N.”

Gene had a headache house and needed to move it ASAP. He was looking for a sell my house Indianapolis company and He gave us a call and we worked together to buy the home from him for cash and take some stress off of his plate.

David and Debra at closing on their house on 6/16/2020

“David & Debra”

David was a longtime landlord and ready to get out of the game. She gave us a ring and we had the pleasure of helping her through her situation.