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When Your Louisville Rental Becomes A Headache


If you’re a Louisville Landlord looking to solve your Rental Nightmares, we may be able help.

Owning rentals and investment property in Louisville can mean headache after headache: 

  • Unexpected and costly repairs
  • Destroyed property
  • Pain-in-the-behind tenants
  • High property management costs
  • Lots of TIME to take care of EVERYTHING
  • Dealing with EVICTIONS
  • Lawsuits and massive legal bills
  • Losing money between lengthy vacancy periods
  • Utilities, property taxes, and insurance payments
  • Lots of ENDLESS paperwork

Problem With Tenants? We Provide Solutions

Most of your tenants will pay the rent, treat the property like their own and keep the neighbors happy. But at some point, you’ll inevitably have to deal with problem tenants. There will be evictions. There will be vacancies. There will be costly repairs. Many landlords become fed up and just want to walk away. This is where we come in. If you’re a Louisville Landlord with a headache, let us provide you with relief.

Louisville Rental Homes

Vacant or occupied, we can buy your property and solve your rental problems. We pay CASH, handle all the necessary paperwork and provide an easy and efficient closing. We close when you want.

No matter your situation, whether you have just one property or a whole portfolio of rental houses in Louisville, Sisters Who Buy Houses can buy your Louisville rental. We buy rental property (single and multifamily). Call us TODAY at 502-273-0000.


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