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Expired Listing?

  • Perhaps you’ve tried and tried to sell your home on your own but have had no luck?
  • Maybe your house has been listed for months, with no offers?
  • Does your agent seem like he’s just not be doing enough?

Worried About Bankruptcy? 

  • Have you or are you about to file for bankruptcy?
  • Is your property in bankruptcy protection that you’re about to lose?
  • Are you failing to make payments that are part of your chapter 13 Bankruptcy condition

Are You Behind On Your Payments?

Bad things happen to good people every day. Life it seems throws us a wrench when we least expect it.  Maybe you’ve had to deal with health issues or  perhaps a recent job loss? You’ve tried keeping up with your monthly payments while all your other bills continue to pile up, only to find that now you can’t pay any of your bills? The penalties and interest is growing, catching up seems impossible.Your lender is playing hardball and demanding you pay your loan in full. Foreclosure is becoming a reality with each day.

Going Through a Divorce?

Marriage is hard, especially after the 7th year. Separation and divorce are very stressful. How to handle property issues can be a complicated, expensive and drawn out process.

Job Transfer? Let Us Buy Your Home!

A job transfer or relocation is stressful when you have to sell your house before you move. Time is running out; you just don’t have the time required to list your house with a realtor.

We can buy your house very quickly, for a fair price and take the constant stress and worry off your back. Call us TODAY at 502-273-0000.

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