Sisters Who Buy Houses Reviews – What people say about us…

We get two main questions from home owners considering selling their houses to us.  The first question is “How does the process work?” The second question is usually regarding whether or not we are a legitimate company that does what it says it will do each and every time.

Listen to what home owners had to say at closing about their experiences of working with us.

Want to share your own experience with us? Send us a note to let us know what working with us has been like for you.




At closing on 5/29/19

IMG 3052
IMG 2762



Carla Matute at closing on 4/29/19


IMG 2575

Closing an estate in Louisville, KY on 4/18/19





ESTHER & MICHAEL WARD at closing on 4/12/19

IMG 2528
IMG 2435

Wyona and Jamie at closing on 3/29/19

IMG 2249

Jesse Mayfield at closing on 2/28/19



IMG 2049

Virginia Lucas at closing on 1/31/19

Brenda and Thomas Roberts at closing on 1/8/19

IMG 1823



IMG 1434

TINA ALTMILLER at a closing with the Sisters Who Buy Houses on 12/7/18


IMG 0999

SUZANNE STEVENS at closing on 11/21/18

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